Playing through a crisis

PlayingThroughCrisisPlay is incredibly important for children and also incredibly important to them. We think this bears repeating. We all need to know this.
Play is supercalafragilistically, colossally important to children. And mega-enormously and undeniably-scientifically-proven to be important for them too.
We’re having fun playing with words because play is important for us and to us too! Thanks for playing along! Please feel free to share your own descriptive words in the comments about how significant play is in your life!
Right now, South Africa and the world is in crisis brought on by the Coronavirus pandemic. But, this does not change the fact, scientifically proven, that play is important for children. Especially in a crisis.
In the coming weeks, we will be unpacking the benefits of play for children and their families, using data from children and adolescents themselves who participated in a situational analysis dlalanathi conducted recently. We will also give some ideas for play activities at home. Keep watching our Facebook and Instagram for more! We have been using play in all of our processes for 20 years. We believe that play has many facets, like a diamond. Play is;
for communication
for healing
for fun!
for learning
for protection.
In these times when there is much anxiety, uncertainty, and loss, it is imperative that children be given opportunities to keep on playing. At times, adults are so stressed out that play may be the last thing on our minds. This is completely understandable. But the mental health and well-being of our children depends upon their access to play.
We need to be intentional about making time and space for play, even when it is hard. Play today is a short as well as long term emotional, social and cognitive investment in your child’s future. Play most definitely also benefits adults, so as you make the time to play with your child you are investing in your own well-being too.
#asidlalanje! (just play!)